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High Quality Photo Editing Company

Unique Clipping Path is a photo editing company, it has expert and skilled Adobe Certified professionals, We are very careful about the quality of the editing. Don't hesitate to order today.


We have a highly skilled team of experts who are professionals in graphic design. This gives us the ability to provide all kinds of image processing services all over the world. As an established photo editing service provider, it is working 24/7 meaning at any time, all year round. Thus, we ensure the best of services wherever and whenever.

150+ Skilled

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“Creativity with Excellence” that is our motto. Provide consumer the ultimate satisfaction is our priority. After choosing you will get absolute economic price. Our express delivery system and 24/7 dedicated live support team always ready to give you quick solution with active response guaranteed.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We have an uncompromising commitment to provide you most quality work and services, while meeting the highest level of ethical standards and performance in our jobs.

Creative Clipping Path offers you the perfect price that you desire. We assure, you will get the most competitive price at economic rate with utmost quality which you need. For choosing the best option just go through our price menu, inform us and be our valued prospects.

We are very much aware of the fact that time earns money. In short schedule or in the time of emergencies, Creative Clipping Path always care about your time span. We will deliver our service as we commit that’s for sure.

Our valued clients enjoy individual FTP accounts that sharing theirfiles become easy either in case of download or upload. We have dedicated server of our own which sole purpose is to provide speedy service securing quality of the given project.

We are 24/7 active in 365 days that our clients find us any moments at their service. You can knock us any moment because we are always live for you to act at your call. Your satisfaction is our goal and ensure supreme service is our business policy.

Need to enhance image?Large amount of edited picture needed? Don’t worry, we are here for you. Our professional image artists are ready to do your task whether you need 500 or 5000 images in a single day, we can deal with it without compromising quality. We have high skilled expert and experienced team matched up with awesome infrastructure facility to complete your desired task smoothly and efficiently.

Our High Quality Photo Editing Services

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path can be applied to make every inch of your photo look magnificent and professional.

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path services can be acquired easily nowadays due to the continuous rise of modern technology, giving it better chances to reach every potential customer across the world.
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E-Commerce Image Editing

E-Commerce Image Editing Service we offer is for web-shop/e-commerce requires various photo.

E-Commerce Image Editing

The emergence of e-commerce is vital nowadays with hundreds of thousands of e-commerce websites in the cyberspace.
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Background Remove Service

Our background removal services help you to change the entire appeal of your photos.

Background Remove Service

We will help you make your photos more attractive and eye-catching, whether for personal or business purposes.
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Image Masking Service

Image masking pertains to a graphic software process to conceal certain parts of an image and reveal certain portions.

Image Masking Service

Image masking is considered to be non-destructive. Oftentimes, this enables individuals to adjust and then tweak mask later on if needed. Image masking is a more creative and efficient way of manipulating images.
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Shadow Adding Service

Image Shadowing is an excellent method of adding that extra glare and beauty from an ordinary product image.

Shadow Adding Service

Image shadowing is a must image editing technique as it will help the product can talk of its own. Image Shadowing is an excellent method of adding that extra glare and beauty from an ordinary product image.
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Photo Retouching

Offers you to avail our high-quality Photo Retouching & restoration service in lower budget and fast turnaround time

Photo retouching

Digital Image Editing Industry, this procedure is called Photo Retouching and restoration. The artistic work has sky-importance in Photo Business, Web and Advertisement purpose
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Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is most commonly subtle, but it can also be explicit. In cases of explicit image manipulation.

Image Manipulation Service

Image manipulation encompasses everything that can be done to a photograph. It can make a photo look like the image of your choice by altering the elements of your photo.
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Color Correction

Through our color correction expertise, you can expect great image improvements and more professional colors.

Color Correction

If you want to bring out the true color and express the real story of your photos, our color correction services will do it professionally. We are here to meet all your color correction projects.
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Photo CutOut Service

Image cut-out has such a team doing clipping path service for e-commerce, industries and other photo editing related services.

Photo Cutout Service

Great photograph editors can in a split of seconds change the composition and nature of a picture to make it look charming for the clients and boost sells.
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We offer affordable price starting from $0.29 USD per image for Photoshop clipping path and other photo retouching services including manipulation, shading, vector conversion etc.

Very Simple (e.g. Mobile, Can)
Simple (e.g. Wallet, Sunglass)
Medium (e.g. Bag, Shoe, T-shirt)
Compound (e.g. Furniture)
Complex (e.g. Flower, Jewellery)
Super Complex (e.g. Cycle)



QUANTITY: 21-200



  • These prices are just a basic guide, we highly recommend that you get a personalised quote from us rather than relying on these, because you might be eligible for better prices
  • The above prices are for clipping path service only. If you need any other service please request a quote.
  • Terms and conditions apply.


Our expert team of graphic design specialists is able to provide 100% efficient service online and is available to build a trusting working relationship with you. Here at creative Clipping path, we focus on two major factor for all services.

Good Quality
Quick Delivery

Regardless of your order size, urgency for delivery, or complexity of work, we are fully equipped to offer you with the best quality of work within the due date to give you the quickest delivery amongst our competitors. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!


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