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Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path: Everything You Must Know

Do you have any concerns regarding the quality and appearance of your photos? How about elevating and making it look professional?

Fortunately, the clipping path can be applied to make every inch of your photo look magnificent and professional.

Defining Clipping Path

Clipping path refers to the closed vector shape or path which is used to cut out 2D images in the image editing software. This is also called the deep etch. Anything present inside the path will be kept after the application of a clipping path; while the outer path will be removed.

This kind of technique in image editing had produced lots of excellent and exceptional photos that are loved by a lot of customers.

Clipping Path Services

Clipping path services can be acquired easily nowadays due to the continuous rise of modern technology, giving it better chances to reach every potential customer across the world. Our team, as one of the leading and striving clipping path companies, provides a lot of clipping path services that are confidently formulated to satisfy the expectations of our valued customers. Here are our offered services:

1. Photoshop Clipping Path

For the first service being offered by our team, the photoshop clipping path builds its name to varying industries and companies which need excellent graphics and photography ideals for their continuous growth. Our team ensures a quality result of our photoshop clipping path service with quality and capability to make any customer satisfied and happy.

2. Image Masking


Another service offered is the image masking. This service refers to the basic process of editing and transforming a photo into a better one. It mainly removes the background of the photo, as well as the hair divisions to make it more presentable and professional. Our team ensures that the quality of our image masking service rest assures a satisfying result.

3. Image Shading

Our team also offers an image shading service. This service is all about the addition of shade in the given image. It presents an infinite intensity to any image giving it more chances to attract potential customers. Varying effects such as the filters and explication control are adequately applied during the editing process to ensure a quality result. This kind of service is best to use at promoting products such as pieces of jewelry and accessories for it gives a highlight to the gem or other inclusion it has.

4. Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation service, or also called as the ghost mannequin, is a technique used with tricks and magic in the photo editing process. This kind of photo edit is perfect to use in showcasing clothes and apparel, for it highlights the quality and appearance of the promoted item. Also, a mannequin is not only adjustable to be removed in the photo, but also hands or body parts of a human. With the expert photo editors in our team, all of these can be achieved.

5. Raster to Vector Conversion

If you are searching for a reliable team to turn your raster photo into a vector, our team does that too. Here in our team, we have expert photo editors who have enough knowledge and background regarding turning a raster into a vector image. Whatever image you may send to our service, we will provide you with an excellent and satisfying transformation.

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