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Shadow Create/Remove Service

How to create/remove shadow

Photo editing is an intricate part of photography. It not only helps to overcome the flaws but also helps to beautify the pictures. While editing, it is really important to know how to create/remove shadow in photoshop. It covers a major portion in the field of editing and learning it will help you up to a long way. So today we will try to give you a basic and brief idea about how to create/remove shadow from a photo.
There are a few steps in the process of creating and removing shadows from the photo. First of all, let us discuss how to create a shadow.
STEP 1: first of all, you need to open the photo in photoshop. For this, find the blue icon that has Ps written over it and click on the file option from the menu located on the top bar, click Open and select the photo. To create shadow, images with transparent background are the best choice.
STEP 2:   Select the layer in which you want to add shadow.
STEP 3:   Now you need to select the option layer that is on the menu.
STEP 4:   Click duplicate layer on the dropdown. You can give it a new name if you wish else it will be considered as a copy.
STEP 5:   Find the duplicate layer and click on it.
STEP 6:   Select the fx button in the layer’s window. it is the ‘layer style icon.
STEP 7:   Select dropdown shadow
STEP 8:   Now work to adjust the shadow. You can adjust gradient, size, spread, opacity, angle, light balance using the tools available.
STEP 9:   Click on okay.

Now let us discuss how to remove a shadow from a photo. Basic steps are quite similar to creating shadows. Firstly you need to open photoshop, select the photo from file storage and duplicate the background as you’ve done previously. Then follow the steps as mentioned below-
STEP 1:   Click on the magic wand tool and select the shadow. if the shadow is not selected at all, increase the tolerance value. and if something more than the shadow is selected, decrease the tolerance value. After adjusting the tolerance level, make a new selection. you can use the lasso tool or quick select tool too.
STEP 2:   Select Edit from the menu bar and click on fill.
STEP 3:   Select ‘use’ drop-down list from content-aware and click OK.
STEP 4:   Select the highlighted area and deselect it from the context menu.


STEP 1:   Select the image you want to remove the shadow from
STEP 2:   Select the tool magic wand and click on shadow. you can use the quick select tool or the lasso tool as an alternative.
STEP 3:   Select “ layer| new adjustment layer | brightness/contrast | OK”
STEP 4:   Select and drag into the ‘brightness’ slider in the right direction to decrease the intensity of the shadow. Press it until it matches with the whole picture. Select the ‘contrast’ option and drag it in the left direction to decrease the contrast existing in the image and its surroundings.
STEP 5:   If the brightness and contrast options are not working good enough, create a new adjustment layer and adjust the saturation and hue. it will help you to fix the trouble.
So if anyone is bothered about “how to create/remove shadow” in photoshop, I hope these tips will help you to fix the problem.

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